Rela Radio’s Featured Artist of the Week

Today’s featured artist of the week is: Emperors & Angels.

Formed in 2019 in Peoria, IL the group met for cold sodas on January 25th. Talks of midget wrestling, and the unlikelihood of becoming a Flock of Seagulls tribute, immediately distracted the fellas as Miller Lite set the mood. Buckets constantly being filled, encouraging the groups desire to create EA’s flavor of music.

Agreeing on the project’s name, a chord hadn’t been struck, a stick drawn or the dust blown from the mic. The group was already well acquainted and had shared time in past projects, harvested from the local Peoria, IL music scene. 

The project’s name “Emperors & Angels” was introduced to the group by Matt. Eager for a reaction, it was explained the name was a sermon given in 2006. Not focused on the biblical nature, but rather a powerful message for today’s issues. Newly inspired, everyone agreed and another round was ordered. Influence in place and beers consumed. EA aim’s to melt faces!

Congratulations to “Emperors & Angels” our Rela featured artist of the week.